2011 NaNo Character Sketch–Voalt

I’ve had fun doing business with BloodRoseAngel over on deviantArt. Our business transactions have included me buying a sketchbook that she created for an Expo in England.

Since I’m in the U.S., and have limited travel capabilities, I obviously could not attend the Expo…but I could pre-order the book.
And since I was one of the first ten to pre-order the book, I qualified for a free sketch.

And this is what she drew for me:

main character from 2011 NaNoWriMo

Here we have the main character, Voalt Remington, from my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel, The Graft.

He is a pirate, and this sketch is from somewhere maybe mid-way through the story…after a very specific plot point, but before that plot point has changed him all that much.

Check out Voalt’s character profile on my deviantArt account.
Look up BloodRoseAngel’s gallery for more of her sketches.
Or look at her comic, Breakwater, for a great read.

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