Short Story has been submitted to WotF–and other ideas

Naturally, with typos that I didn’t notice until after I sent it in. *facepalm*
I’m mostly sure the few I’ve found are all there was, and I’m hoping it doesn’t influence any judging, but… yeesh.

I’ve also used the story for my free five print copies from winning NaNoWriMo last year. (It was in reviewing the proof copy that I found those mistakes.)
I’d rather have used that code on a novel, instead of a short story, but this entry was the only thing ready in time to use the code.

And finally, I decided I’m going to start work on a book of short stories and some prologues that fit in my “Pioneers of the Shattered Waters” theme.
I think I’ll call it “Tome of Beginnings,” or something like that.
It would eventually contain such short stories as provide origin stories, whether to specific characters or specific events, within my worlds–including at least one alternative origin to certain creatures that show up partway through The Graft–as well as some of the lengthier prologues, such as the one to The Graft.
The prologues will also show up on this site, and the short stories will also be sent along to magazines or sold as individual e-books. Tome of Beginnings is just a collection I’d like to eventually make, for those readers that would like to see them collected in a single print book.

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4 Responses to Short Story has been submitted to WotF–and other ideas

  1. Just a friendly FYI–The writers of the future contest is judged blind, so if a judge happened to see your title here you could get disqualified. I just suggest editing that out of the post (and any other incriminating details you might have elsewhere). Wouldn’t want to get knocked out on a technicality!


    • Okay, thanks. I did remember to set distribution on CreateSpace to nada, but it hadn’t occurred to me that listing the title here could be a problem. ^^; (I was only thinking of the “professionally published” rule, not the “blind judging” bit. Oopsie.)

      Thanks again for the heads-up. Hopefully it doesn’t cause me any problems….


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