I’m officially a published author!

As opposed to the unofficially “published” fanfiction author, who has had two original shorts accepted by my college’s literary magazine.

Now, I actually have something for sale. 😀

Rite of Passage full cover art, deviantArt

Rite of Passage started out as a flashback while I worked on NaNoWriMo 2011.
But November had come and gone, and the expiration date for the winner’s code was nearing, and Rite of Passage was the only thing completed.
So I set the novel, tentatively called “The Graft,” aside for a while, and worked on turning this 5,000-plus word flashback into its own story and acquired five free print copies of that first version.

I have since made changes to the story, created my own cover art, and submitted it to CreateSpace again for the five free copies.
But the story is now for sale as an ebook at numerous online retailers. Please check out my Published Works for a somewhat coherent list of where the book can be found, as well as an ongoing list of other published books to come.

I am now officially a published author. But according to certain publishers and contests, I am not yet a professionally published author.
Not until I’ve sold so many copies of this and a couple more short stories, or sold so many copies of a novel. Anybody care to help me with that? 😉

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