Disclaimer Draft for Doctor Who

I have an… experiment, of sorts, that I would like to try.

Specifically, I would like to try rewriting some of my Doctor Who stories–here’s an early are attempt at writing pitches, if anyone would like to look–to make “original” fiction out of them.
The reason I consider this an experiment, instead of, say, what I did when rewriting my Sonic-fic “Forgotten War” into the fully-mine “The Graft” (or whatever I call it when it’s finally done), is that I am not certain I will, or even can, revise these stories that completely.

The Graft, though begun as a fanfic, was always meant as the original fiction that I mean to publish. The Doctor Who stories, however… no matter how I rewrite them, I think, in my heart, they will always be Doctor Who.
The trouble is, I cannot find useful information on how to publish them as Doctor Who. I’ve only been looking since November (and it is a testament to how little I know about publishing in general, and commissioning in particular, that I honestly don’t know whether that should be intended as sarcasm), but I have made very little headway even in so simple a concept as finding out who to talk to.

I have received possible leads, and I will follow up on them.
But for the moment, I will operate under the assumption that it just won’t happen.
And with that assumption, there are some changes I can make, or would like to make, to achieve this experiment.

First, let me start with a likely disclaimer. Please let me know what you think, as I might include this disclaimer, or one very much like it, within any revised versions should I publish them:

The story you are about to read began life as fanfiction. Doctor Who fanfiction, to be precise.
I have since taken inspiration from the Faction Paradox stories and revised this one to account for copyright, to make it entirely my own, but in my heart, it will always be a Doctor Who story.
Some similarities will remain. Some remain deliberately, an homage to the Doctor. Others, not so deliberately, as the plot was already devised with that series in mind.
It is my hope that I will one day have the chance to publish this story as I originally intended, but for the moment, I give you

And I would end with the title of the story or something equally appropriate.

Now I could probably rewrite some of the stories quite easily.
Whether I go Faction Paradox‘s route and simply rename characters, giving myself “The Wanderer” who is essentially the exact same character as “the Doctor,” or by replacing characters entirely, some of those stories could be rewritten without much trouble.

For instance, in the first story on the list, I already have a recurring character from my other fics that could replace Mickey Smith.
This same man could do double duty by taking Jack Harkess‘s role in the “Nameless” plot, as well as (if I revise it) the three-Doctor story.
I’d need to rewrite Mickey and Jack’s lines in most cases, of course–his personality is nothing like theirs, nor is his relationship to the other characters–and actually come up with a name for the guy, but he should do just fine. His role within the plot would remain the same as theirs.

Faizura, already seen in another of my fanfics and slowly making her way through my originals, could similarly take over for River Song (in the Beast of Gevaudan and Nameless alike).

Leila (Fahd’s mother in my short story Rite of Passage) could take over for Donna Noble (in Beast) and Clara Oswald (in Nameless).
She definitely has the sass for it. 😉

I don’t expect I’d rewrite the “Prince and the Doctor” plot–too many elements rely too heavily on its status as a Doctor Who story–though Ten and Martha Jones might get a cameo as themselves in another story that links to it.
I would, however, use a certain subplot from that story. No, not the “Prince” subplot. 😀 I have another subplot I’ve been toying with before I decided to add it to the Doctor stories, so little rewriting should be necessary there.

The Psychic Thieves plot… well, I already had plans for connecting a non-DW story to that one, so I’ll just stick with that plan for the moment.

I haven’t decided who I might replace Rose with.

And the Torchwood alternative…?
How about Fireweed? 😀

In fact, the only story I don’t have any good ideas about is the three-Doctor story.
I mean, I could start the rewrite by replacing Amy and Rory with Clara (as mentioned in the “speaking of Human Nature” section of the pitch journal). And follow that up by replacing Clara with Leila as mentioned above.
The as-yet-unnamed man would replace Jack, of course. And I’d still have to decide what to do with Rose.
But that still leaves the scene in which the Eleventh Doctor (upon seeing the old Tardis) realizes that he’s “been here before.” That still leaves three versions of the Doctor/Wanderer sharing occasional scenes.
And that still leaves time travel (already a necessity in the Beast of Gevaudan story), and regeneration.

For all these rewrites, I would need to not only replace characters or rename elements, I would need to rewrite or eliminate some of the scenes. Those that rely heavily on events from the show, and only serve the purpose of tying the stories to the show, would probably be deleted in their entirety, though I suppose there’s a few that I could be vague about.
Those that serve only to connect one story to another… I might leave some of the hints in, but if I can’t revise and therefore publish all of the stories, most of those connections could be lost.
Anything that contributes to the individual stories, or even hints at ideas that I would like to leave in, would be modified to eliminate copyrighted situations, but should otherwise remain.

And the epilogues….
Most of those serve only to tie one story to another, to indicate when in the show they would have taken place, and focus quite heavily on events in the show.
These, then, would almost certainly be taken out of the “publishable” versions, even if it means ending a story on a cliffhanger… though I would post them here, along with my notes, prologues, and other excerpts, in their original form. That is, I would post the Doctor Who versions here.
And the end of any published stories would, I think, point that out. A quick note after the story’s finished, stating where to find them if anyone would like to see the original (Doctor Who) version of the epilogue, should be sufficient.

And I’d need cover art….

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