NaNoWriMo Character Sketch–Fireweed

Shame on me for forgetting to put this up. ^^;

Some number of months or more ago, Jess Owen, self-published author of Song of the Summer King and Skyfire (reviews to be added to my main site) and sole proprietor of the Five Elements Press publishing company, had held a contest of sorts to promote her book.

The contest was simply this: Tweet about her book, post about it on FaceBook, or otherwise put up a mention of it somewhere online, show her where you mentioned it, and be entered for a chance to win a drawing of one of your characters.

I had a hard time choosing which character I wanted done, but I finally settled on one of my created species, the tentatively-nicknamed “Fireweed,” a plant-themed fox-like being from another universe with a built-in perception filter. 😉

Now, this drawing is of a species rather than an individual. Even when two such individuals look similar, I don’t expect them to look alike, nor do I expect anyone to be such a mind reader that they capture the version in my head perfectly.
Artists like Ms. Owen certainly have some leeway in interpreting the description I’d provided. While I hope to some day improve my own art enough to show off my mental version, I am quite satisfied with her interpretation:

Fireweed by ElementalJess

You can find a general bio of the species on my secondary deviantArt account.
(Details may have been changed since I originally posted it, or since Ms. Owen provided that drawing. Other details may still change as I continue to work on my novels. I do that sometimes. Or a lot.)
Please note that I’ve put Ms. Owen’s version up there as a preview image.

She had also created a Pokemon version, in deference to the creature’s origins as an old and extremely short-lived attempt on my part to create a new Pokemon species (as mentioned in my own original sketch).
However, given the choice between the two versions, I opted for the one that I could relate to my original works. And, perhaps, my not-so-original, as the creature even found its way into my Doctor Who fics.

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