Patreon is Live!…. ish

I’ve created a Patreon “Creator” profile to help with my writing and to offer up early access to my novels and free short stories to anyone willing to become a patron.

I’m still working some kinks out with making intro and thank you videos, but the profile is, for all practical purposes, up and running.

The only thing left that I need to do is post the prologue to my current work in progress, to provide a free sample of the work being funded. Such a sample will be found on:
Pioneers of the Shatteredwaters on
Side Quest Publication on
and of course on Side Quest Publications on Patreon
As well to as any site set to auto-sync from any of these.

So check it out! And if you happen to have a few dollars you’re willing to throw my way… I appreciate the patronage.

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