NaNo ’16 Day 9-10

Ack! How did I miss updating yesterday?
Shockingly enough, I think how I missed it is because… I was focused on writing, not on my word count. I even had to use the site’s “update by day” function to add day 10’s word count in, because I hadn’t updated anything word-count related…. Whoops.

Anyway, all but one fic have been added to the rebel buffer–I’m currently working on the final chapter of Confessions, so I’ll be adding the entire fic to the buffer just as soon as I finish.
Then I’ll continue this gradual count of parts of that buffer until a) it’s all used up or b) I’ve actually finished writing all the fics in it. Whichever comes first.

Content-wise, I need to:
Re-watch Rogue Time so I can get started on the next chapter of Flash Sideways (chapter 5 will be recreating some of the dialogue, etc, between Lisa, Cisco, and Len from that episode)
Continue uploading Alternate Universe (I’ve written several chapters ahead of what I’ve got uploaded)
Finish chapter 4 (the final chapter) of Confessions
Write chapter 2 of Frustration (and chapter 3, and decide which order I should post Len and Mick’s perspectives–which one is chapter 2 and which one 3?)
Start Majummed… and League of MacGuffins.. and Man Was Not Meant to Know (and figure out a better title for that last one)
And decide whether or not I really want to write/post Incubus or Succubus. (Leaning towards a “yes” on Incubus, even though that may well be the most traumatic one for poor Len.) And decide on better titles; these are just my descriptive file names at the moment, so I know which file to open when I want to start editing.

Anyway, day 10 Word Count:
Daily written: 2563
Daily goal: 1667 (2298 if you’re trying for a Reverse NaNo)
Total written: 29,557
Total goal: 16,667 (28,157 for Reverse NaNo)
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 17. Yeah, highly doubtful considering the rebelling going on, but I at least have a decent buffer to work with if’n my work schedule causes my real word count to drop off any time soon.

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