NaNo ’16 Day 12

Time for another NaNoWriMo Rebel Report!

Content-wise, I am still working on that final chapter of Confessions (funny thing about being at work all day, kinda hard to get much typing done on break on a tiny little keyboard attached to my phone 😉 ).
I have the lead-up, connecting that chapter to the previous ones, but Len’s oh-so-traumatic flashback, which is the entire point of the chapter, is only just begun.
And then of course I will have other reveals once that flashback is done as Gideon decides to do something about Len’s nightmares before they completely destroy the man.

Word-count-wise, my NaNo “progress” includes all of the third chapter of Flash Sideways, which brings the story to the end of Timeline 1.0 when the Weather Wizard was busy destroying Central City in the Flash season 1 episode 15 Out of Time.
Chapter four picks up after the Flash hits the reset button, and Len with his eidetic memory is having trouble processing the fact that he and Mick and Lisa aren’t dead (and a framing story with Rip Hunter explaining the phenomenon to Len). Chapter five will start in on the events of episode 16 Rogue Time… which of course requires me to rewatch Rogue Time to make sure I’m getting the dialogue and such right.

And the progress shows…..
Daily written: 2759
Daily goal: 1667 (2068 for a Reverse NaNo)
Total written: 34,244
Total goal: 20,000 (32,406 for Reverse NaNo)
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 18.

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