NaNo ’16 Day 14

And…. the final chapter of Confessions turns out to be two chapters.
I wonder, sometimes, how long my chapters would really be if I had a reasonable amount of word count in each one… or if I divided them exclusively by content and completely ignored word count.

Divided by word count, I think they currently average about 2,000 words per chapter. The fanfics, anyway, as I have to take scrolling web pages into account when deciding how long is too long.
Divided entirely by content… ick. I try to divide more by content than by length, which sometimes results in certain chapters being a lot shorter than others, but if I divided only by content I’d wind up with a few chapters of a few hundred words or so each and chapters that resemble one of those infinite-scroll web pages.

Anyway, content-wise, that particularly traumatic event for poor Len is written and posted to both my deviantArt and my The whole story is now written, it’s just a matter of getting the rest of it posted.
Due to the nature of that trauma, it is marked as mature, and in the case of deviantArt, requires that you sign in to prove your age before you can read it.
Hmm… I wonder if it would’ve been better to lop off that trauma into its own chapter for rating purposes…. let readers who are willing to read the “mature” stuff (assuming parental permission) read the rest of what’s going on without the strict filter, and just leave that one trauma with the mature filter. I might have to edit the fic to do that….
Next up, chapter 5 (assuming I don’t edit for the ratings filter)… in which we find out what Len’s dad really did know about that trauma, and then back to the Waverider!

Word-count-wise, I’ve finished however much of Flash Sideways is in my buffer including the notes.
Next up… adding Confessions to the word count and continuing to work on the other fics.

And the report card says:
Daily written: 2032
Daily goal: 1667 (1838 for a Reverse NaNo)
Total written: 38,581
Total goal: 23,333
Report Card: At this rate, you will finish on Nov. 19.

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