NaNo ’16 Final Week

Has it been that long since I’ve updated? Uh…. whoops!

Some days I didn’t bother updating because of a combination of working all day and just wanting to concentrate on getting the story/ies written.
Other days… I just forgot.

In any case, as of this weekend, I won the NaNo! As of November 21, to be precise.
Now that NaNoWriMo lets us validate as of November 20th I could’ve and should’ve validated some time ago just to guard against last minute delays… meh, at least I’m only two days late on that score, and not actually last minute.

Plot-wise, the story of Confessions is officially done!
How, officially, when I think I mentioned it was done before? Well… the last chapter ended up being divided into two chapters due to length… and then divided again in order to keep the triggering content separate from the others, in case any readers prefer to skip over that scene entirely.
You can read the complete fic, as well as any others I come up with, on SideQuestPubs on deviantArt or Side Quest Publications at I think I’ll start adding it and others to AO3 as well, if and when I get an invitation to join (site claims I ought to receive an invite before the end of the month; I can wait), and on WattPad (which I have an account on, I just haven’t done anything with it since I created it who-knows-how-long-ago and I don’t remember what login I used to sign up….)

Anyway, the word count:
According to my spreadsheet/word document, my final count as of November 21 is
And according to NaNoWriMo, it is
Hey! NaNo counted up! That hardly ever happens to me. πŸ™‚

On to continue the fics!

Like I said, Confessions is done at six chapters.
That’d be the one in which Leonard Snart finds himself confiding some very old secrets to Sara Lance on the day they meet –after the Legends of Tomorrow team officially joins the team, and before their first time jump. Well, a couple nights after they met if you want to be technical; Rip did say to meet him in 36 hours if they agreed to join up, after all.
This fic is rated mature, and one chapter is given a strict filter on deviantArt, due to the nature of some of those secrets.
In terms of continuity with the show, this one assumes the “Top Secret” Deleted Scene from episode 1 is canon.

Next up we have a few one-shots.

Lecturing Lenny is the original version of a scene that shows up in Flash Sideways, and unlike the rewrite, it offers the lecture Lisa was giving in all its original glory. In this one we have Lisa criticizing her brother’s sex life. In public. All because she doesn’t like one specific person that he’s slept with.
The rewritten version has him interrupting Lisa before she can get very far; apparently even Mr. Stoic can be horribly embarrassed when it’s his baby sister doing the embarrassing. (Although Mick teasing him isn’t much better in some of my fics, to the point that Len won’t say certain things around Mick for fear that he’ll “never hear the end of it.”)
In terms of continuity, it shares any relationship to canon that the source fic Flash Sideways shares.

Blind Date was written entirely for laughs and has no connection to any of my other fics in the set… nor, obviously, to canon, though ColdFlash does seem to be a popular ship in the fandom, no? πŸ˜€ Oh, yes, that’s right; Blind Date is about Lisa manipulating her brother into going on a blind date with Barry Allen.
Note that Len knows the Flash’s identity in this fic (setting it at any random time the reader chooses after Rogue Time), while Lisa of course does not, so in that sense she honestly has no idea who she set Len up with, nor why he would have a problem with this particular date. Trying to back out of it, however, would be a very dangerous move for the ruthless criminal.

The current fics in progress are varied.

In Alternate Universe, we explore what might have happened if Len (and others) had not been recruited to join the Legends team… and Zoom takes notice of him.
Since Zoom is aware of Len’s arrangement with the Flash, this notice does not bode well for the thief or his beloved sister.
This one is, well, an alternate universe story, and clearly shares only a very limited amount of continuity with official canon.

In Flash Sideways, we consider the consequences of changing history when those changes affect someone with an eidetic memory… because Len remembers other timelines as vividly and completely as he remembers whichever one he’s currently living in.
The fic very specifically covers Flash Season 1 episodes 15 and 16, Out of Time and Rogue Time from Len’s perspective; it shows how he experienced the Weather Wizard’s attack on Central City before the Flash hit the reset button, and then continues on to how that reset affected him personally.

Then there are the planned projects.

In Majummed, the man with the eidetic memory has some ties to the League of Assassins, but something has been preventing him from remembering what those ties are! He has no idea who Majummed is, nor why the name terrifies him, and pressing him to remember details has nasty results that disturb even the infamous Ra’s Al Ghul.
As this is a time travel story, it takes place kinda all over the place; however it should begin towards the end of the Legends Season 1 episode Left Behind.

League of MacGuffins, a name I might keep despite the silliness, is a sequel to Majummed. In this fic, the Legends team must go on a quest to fix what the League did to Len.
This one takes place some time after Legends Season 1, but doesn’t take into account all of the Season 2 changes (Rip is present in the fic, but so are the Justice Society members from Season 2).

What Could Have Been is a prequel to Flash Sideways.
This fic provides more detail on one of the memories Len mentioned in FS, namely when Tess Morgan and Harrison Wells hired Len as part of a prisoner rehab program.
Then of course we have the Reverse Flash screwing up that timeline by killing the two (canon in Flash Season 1) and Len suffering from a rather severe temporal illness as a result of that change, and later Reverse Flash finding out that Len remembers that other timeline.
I want to go on record, before Captain Cold shows up as part of the Legion of Doom and before we find out once and for all whether this is a younger version of him or one resurrected by the Flashpoint changes (personally, I’m hoping for either a Flashpoint resurrection or a miraculous survival, and a way to persuade him to rejoin the Legends, but only because I like the character and don’t want to completely lose his transition from villain to antihero or drop CaptainCanary before they’ve really started; whether it would make for a good story is another question entirely). I have one scene in this fic–one scene only–that one, assumes the Legion Cold is a much younger Len and two, assumes that he is fighting against the Legends team because the members of the Legion tricked him into believing that Mick betrayed him vis a vis the symptoms and treatment of his temporal illness. Incidentally, this same deception would work with Len mysteriously surviving the explosion of the Oculus, but that one would require figuring out how he got back to Earth. Anyway, you’ll have to keep watch for the fic if you want to see the nature of that deception, but all I can say is… if Len were a real person, he would hate me so very, very much. So now, having said that, soon we shall see what canon decides about his role in the Legion….

And there are plenty more ideas besides.

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