NaNo 2017 Day 11

Finally caught up…. on the “posting one day after” thing I’ve been doing every year since I started.
(Anyone paying attention to the date stamp, please ignore the fact that I still posted this after midnight 😉 ; I just got home from work.)

Content-wise, the crew discovers Fahd has a very good reason for wanting to avoid his people… but it is not entirely due to problems from his childhood. Next section, on to the Wanderer’s lair!
(For future reference I will be offering up tidbits like this as I begin posting full chapters to Patreon. Hopefully of a more intriguing nature than what I am doing for NaNo.)

And as for the word count, the report card reports:
Daily goal: 1667 words
Day’s count: 2820
Total goal: 18333
Total count: 24050
ETW: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 23.

Got myself a copy of Office 2016, now it’s just a matter of waiting for it to arrive (I get kickbacks when I buy from certain websites) and also, hopefully, keeping my mobile documents better synced with my at-home documents.

Fellow NaNoers, how goes the word count?

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