NaNo 2018 Day 17-18

And the final chapter of Necropolis is posted and every site I’ve uploaded it to has it marked as “complete.” Except deviantArt, I still need to edit descriptions to include the long-overdue chapter links.

And I am still jumping around in scenes in Catalyst, as well as trying not to rewatch Legends of Today so I can get to work on the short (short, darn you muses!) fic that is The Phoenix.
Unfortunately one of my muses thinks Phoenix needs me to recreate a scene in Today (I’d forgotten how much of a jackass Carter was when he first showed up ^^’ ) when the bulk of the ficlet takes place in 1438 and none of it (except that recreated scene) takes place in Flash. And speaking of jumping around, Phoenix follows immediately upon a specific scene late in Catalyst. Theoretically I could keep things vague enough to let it relate to nearly any fic I’ve written so far, or else vague enough that it follows up on the Infantano Street episode (which is roundabout where it occurs in the context of Catalyst) without requiring a link to my other fics… but I can’t actually post the ficlet until I’ve made that decision, which I don’t expect to do until I’ve written (and uploaded) more of Catalyst.

And on the word count front….
Daily goal: 1667 words
Day’s count (for day 18): 2581
Total goal: 30000
Total count: 30574
Report card reports: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 30.

Got a lot more to write if I want to get my buffer back…. and very little time in which to add to it.

Fellow NaNoers, how goes the word count?

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