NaNo 2018 Day 20

No, random imaginary muse, I am not uploading that recreated scene from Legends of Today in any of my fanfics. It’s too…. spoilery.

Although I suppose if I made it a later chapter in one of my fics….

Or maybe it could be another “what if” entry…. I mean that is technically the kind of thing I made that series for.

Crap. Ah, fine, you win. I’ll upload it. After I make a few more edits.

Okay, then, on the content-front, I have finished recreating a particular scene from Flash Season 2 Episode 8 Legends of Today. Specifically the part where Carter first shows up all the way up to Malcolm’s announcement about the Staff of Horus (plus a bit extra between in-canon scenes, the “what if” element that ties the chapter to my personal headcanon). And in this chapter I have… Carter having ties to the League of Assassins, which will be explored in greater detail in another fanfic entirely. Check out my “collection” titled League of Tomorrow if you’d like to see or add any other fan theories that link the Legends team to the League.
Part of me felt like ending the chapter with the scene where Malcolm collects Vandal Savage’s ashes at the end of Legends of Yesterday. Another part of me felt like extending the chapter that far would be overdoing it, either in terms of the time skip or in terms of having to recreate virtually everything that went on (at least from Carter’s perspective) in the meantime, not to mention yet more scenes to rewatch purely for fanficcing purposes and not simply to enjoy watching the episode again. I think instead that how I have Malcolm reacting to Carter’s reveal does a fair job of implying the link to official canon, in particular by providing the Dark Archer’s motivation for whatever he thought he was going to do with those ashes since the show never continued the story in that direction.

And in terms of word count, we have….
Daily goal: 1667 words
Day’s count: 2220
Total goal: 33333
Total count: 35857
Report card reports: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 28.

Now back to rewatching Night of the Hawk, Left Behind, and Infantano Street (all for Catalyst), Doomworld (to continue Tracing Time), and starting on Phoenix and continuing whichever other works-in-progress my random muse will let me complete. And eventually catching up on the shows in general.

Fellow NaNoers, how goes the word count?

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