NaNo 2018 Day 28

Oh, geez, which fic did I spend most of my time on for Day 28? There were so many clamoring for my attention….

Well, I do recall I added a bit to Catalyst. Still not done with the “my work” section within Nanda Parbat before I need to pick up again with the “recreated-from-canon” scenes back on the Waverider, but I think I’ve picked a halfway decent point to cut off the current chapter so I can edit and upload to the various fanfic sites.

And speaking of scenes recreated from canon, I’m rewatching White Knights so I can (finally!) get to work on the What If ficlet Handcuffs… in which I explore what might have happened if Len had decided to accept Vostok’s invitation to go to her apartment. (*cough, cough*)
Question is, do I upload to the main What If document (and potentially change the rating, though the original plot doesn’t require anything, shall we say… steamy), or upload on its own (which, despite the lack of blatant steaminess, would also allow me to include it in the Since When Do I Write Sex Scenes “series”)? I will point out, however, that the Handcuffs ficlet was created long before most of my headcanon existed, particularly the headcanon suggested in the first few chapters of What Could Have Been and the mature-rated Confessions ficlet.

And on the word count front….
Daily goal: 1667 words
Day’s count: 1892
Total goal: 46667
Total count: 49402
Report card reports: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 29.

Fellow NaNoers, how goes the word count?

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