NaNo 2019 Day 1

And we’re off! Chapter 14, the latest chapter posted thus far of the fanfic What Could Have Been, saw its way through a twenty-something Leonard Snart breaking into the Starling City university, being arrested for said break-in, and finally being offered the opportunity to work off his sentence–in the form of working at the brand-new Star Labs–instead of returning to prison where he’d be a virtual sitting duck for the Santinis.

In the current chapter-in-progress, we have Len and assorted representatives presenting the idea to the Starling City District Attorney in the hopes that she would be willing and able to persuade the judge that this is the best course of action.

The story is available on Archive of our Own (linked above),, and deviantArt
though I must warn new readers, the story¬†begins with Len working for the Santinis themselves, not as a common thug as he might have preferred, but as a honey-pot, one whose job is to seduce and most likely sleep with his marks. In addition to his discomfort at being forced to work for them in that capacity, there is also the matter that this leads to a (mutually) non-consensual scene between himself and Tess Morgan; while the previous two sites have the story rated as “Teen” due to my efforts to keep things vague, three chapters are marked as “Mature” over on deviantArt.

Word-count-wise, I didn’t make a whole lot of progress for the first day, though I hope to get a bit of a buffer in there at some point.

Daily goal (as always): 1667 words
Daily count: 1748
Report card reports: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 29.

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