NaNo 2019 Day 3

As is typical on my work days, I didn’t get nearly as much completed as I would have hoped, word-count or content-wise.

Content-wise, I began expanding on the trial. The original version, which I retained for word count, was as an info-dump and “anticlimactically short” as mentioned in the post for Day 2. Despite the decision to add to the scene and show how it happened instead of merely telling it, writing during my lunch break didn’t get me much farther than explaining the beginning of the trial… namely, the fact that he requested a bench trial rather than a jury at the DA’s suggestion.

I still need to write the actual trial to get a proper scene in there. 😉

One of the results of this expansion, in addition to adding word count for NaNo, is that the posted chapter will be quite a bit longer than planned. The original idea was that Chapter 15 would be a “slice of life” with quite a few time skips, starting with the meeting with the DA and ending sometime in December (the current scene in progress is still in April) when “Mr. Absent-Minded Professor” (as Lisa refers to Doctor Wells in a later chapter) loses track of time and accidentally forces Len to break his legally-enforced curfew. An ironic choice given that the story description focuses on the time Len worked for Tess and Harry (as well as the consequences of that history being changed vis a vis the Reverse Flash), but that timeframe would only take place during chapters 15 and 16 before the timeline changes.

The new version, courtesy of the expanded trial, would most likely have the trial finishing off chapter 15, with chapter 16 dealing with the slice-of-life aspect of Len’s job, chapter 17 finishing off the relevant portion of the timeline a few years later… and then chapter 18 resetting everything back to the middle of March when the Reverse Flash first showed up. That all assumes that I don’t come up with more content as I go.

The story, as previously mentioned, is available on Archive of our Own (linked above),, and deviantArt
And once again I warn new readers, the story begins with Len working for the Santinis themselves, not as a common thug as he might have preferred, but as a honey-pot, one whose job is to seduce and most likely sleep with his marks. In addition to his discomfort at being forced to work for them in that capacity, there is also the matter that this leads to a (mutually) non-consensual scene between himself and Tess Morgan; while the previous two sites have the story rated as “Teen” due to my efforts to keep things vague, three chapters are marked as “Mature” over on deviantArt.

Word-count-wise, I made quite a bit more progress but not enough for a buffer.

Daily goal (as always): 1667 words
Daily count: 1833
Total goal: 5000
Total count: 6352
Report card reports: At this rate, you will finish on Nov 24.

Fellow NaNoers, how goes the word count?

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