Created by Side Quest Publications.

The site is meant to contain a collection of excerpts and assorted other notes about my fiction…most notably those stories within the Shattered Waters series.
Granted, what makes this series a “series” (see the point below about the story behind the site’s name) ties my stories together so loosely that theoretically any story I’ve written could show up here ūüėČ so don’t be surprised if I start posting the odd and seemingly unrelated short story or excerpt.

Some of these can be found elsewhere, such as on my “original fiction” account on deviantArt. Others, eventually, may be unique to this site.

Most of these things are not set in stone, so to speak. For the moment, this site focuses on my notes and excerpts while I’m still in the process of writing out the stories and fleshing out ideas. This is simply because I do not have many of what I would consider final drafts.
However, I plan to include ideas that do have final drafts.
Perhaps, for instance, I’ve been throwing ideas around about how I want to rewrite my Doctor Who fics into original fics, and I finally have something else ready to publish.
Or perhaps I’ve posted early drafts of the prologue to some plot idea or other.
Or perhaps I’ve simply been messing around with world-building or character bios, and finally reached a, well, final decision.
In these cases, many of the early drafts would remain on this site for archival purposes–and because some readers might be curious to see the transition between original idea and final draft. Even the Doctor Who versions of prologues and such, those versions that have not been rewritten to go with the salable “published” versions, would remain here. But the final versions of these things would also go up… as “pages” rather than posts, most likely, so as to separate them from those early drafts.

The Story

The name was found, of all places, from a random title generator.
I just happened to like the name, and I was determined to find a use for it.

The general story, as I figure it, is that a long time ago, many worlds (realms, dimensions, or universes, according to your personal taste in fiction) were kept separate by some kind of barrier–the “waters,” as I call it, between the worlds.
Travel from one world to another was possible, but only under very precise circumstances, and usually only by those who actually knew what they were doing.

Except for some reason–the characters in at least one story think it’s a war between gods and demons, and those in my Doctor Who fics might blame various Time Wars–the barrier shattered, the worlds intersected, and their inhabitants could travel more frequently.
For many, this journey was unintended, and unexpected, and unexplained.
For some, the journey was a pleasant, or perhaps not-so-pleasant, brief experience of the strange.
For others…the journey was far more traumatic, and the results anything but brief. And it was not always the traveler who suffered….

I’ve explored this idea in a little more depth as Shattered Waters, Shattered Magic. Have a look if you’re interested.

Though these many worlds exist within my writing, and influence the mythology or the plot time and again, the stories themselves do not often intersect except in a brief, and possibly coincidental, manner.
But they do intersect. For the main characters are themselves the pioneers, braving the unknown for reasons of their own.

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