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Patreon Repurposing

Like many of my creative endeavors and social media exploration, my presence on Patreon is very much a work in progress. With that in mind, I would like to provide some insight into what I intend to do on the site. … Continue reading

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Cassandra’s Truth, inspired by Machine of Death

Well, it only took four years but I finally finished that short story I’d originally written (under the title Alone Together) for the Machine of Death contest anthology. Truth be told, the story was done long ago; I wouldn’t have … Continue reading

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The Graft Prologue 3–Fahd

Part 3 of a fantasy pirate novel-in-progress. Parts 1 and 2 can be found on Remington‘s and Denizen‘s pages. “All hands!” Fahd called. “Storm brewing! All hands on deck. You, too, rookie,” he said to Jericho, son of the late … Continue reading

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The Graft Prologue 2–Denizen

Part 2 of a fantasy pirate novel work-in-progress. Part 1 can be found on Remington‘s page. “What do you seek?” Denizen muttered. He resisted the urge to pace, and he glared out at the other ship as though it were … Continue reading

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The Graft Prologue 1–Remington

The merchant Remington shifted his feet. He tried to keep his eyes on the ship’s course, but he found his gaze pulled towards the straits. He didn’t know why he was here. He had no business along this stretch of … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Character Sketch–Fireweed

Shame on me for forgetting to put this up. ^^; Some number of months or more ago, Jess Owen, self-published author of Song of the Summer King and Skyfire (reviews to be added to my main site) and sole proprietor … Continue reading

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Doctor Who rewrites

Also known as: Doctor Who Disclaimer part 2. I have, for the most part, worked out which of my recurring and other characters can replace the various Doctor Who characters in my fanfiction-to-original-fiction experiment.

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Disclaimer Draft for Doctor Who

I have an… experiment, of sorts, that I would like to try. Specifically, I would like to try rewriting some of my Doctor Who stories–here’s an early are attempt at writing pitches, if anyone would like to look–to make “original” … Continue reading

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Rite of Passage for sale

You may recall a post about a year ago saying this story was complete. Or perhaps you’ll recall another post a few months later, saying I’ve submitted it to Writers of the Future.

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Rite of Passage is now Published!

Prequel to The Graft Rite of Passage In a way, Fahd was like most children. He played games and raced with his friends, he had chores, and he didn’t always obey his elders. But in a way, he was not … Continue reading

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