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NaNoWriMo Character Sketch–Fireweed

Shame on me for forgetting to put this up. ^^; Some number of months or more ago, Jess Owen, self-published author of Song of the Summer King and Skyfire (reviews to be added to my main site) and sole proprietor … Continue reading

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Rite of Passage for sale

You may recall a post about a year ago saying this story was complete. Or perhaps you’ll recall another post a few months later, saying I’ve submitted it to Writers of the Future.

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Short Story has been submitted to WotF–and other ideas

Naturally, with typos that I didn’t notice until after I sent it in. *facepalm* I’m mostly sure the few I’ve found are all there was, and I’m hoping it doesn’t influence any judging, but… yeesh.

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2011 NaNo Character Sketch–Voalt

I’ve had fun doing business with BloodRoseAngel over on deviantArt. Our business transactions have included me buying a sketchbook that she created for an Expo in England. Since I’m in the U.S., and have limited travel capabilities, I obviously could … Continue reading

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Wandering One “prologue”

I haven’t made up my mind whether this should go in the book. But here I give you the current opener to my 2010 NaNoWriMo novel, Wandering One. Note: These two sections are at completely different stages of editing. Nicole … Continue reading

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Rite of Passage is “complete”

Update This post was originally written March 13, 2012, and any reference to dates refers to that. The post has been in drafts for a long, long time. The story described within was being edited to submit to Writers of … Continue reading

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