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The blog is enabled for comments, so if you have something to say about anything I’ve written, feel free to do so. You don’t even need to sign in.

If, however, even that doesn’t appeal to you:
perhaps you wish to leave a comment on the blog in its entirety,
or you’d like to leave a comment you don’t want anyone and everyone to read,
or maybe your comment is particularly long and you don’t want to crowd out anyone else (*cough*guilty*cough*),
or perhaps you’d like some measure of anonymity beyond “not signing in,”
or for any other reason you want to leave a comment but you don’t feel free to do so on an individual blog post….

Then please direct your attention to the comment form below.

Names, of course, can be anything from your real name, to your preferred internet handle, to something that just allows me to address you by some label other than Hey You. Unless, of course, you want me to to call you Hey You. 😉
Email address is not required… not by the form, at least. If you have some comment that requires a reply, I will need some way to contact you, and I may take extra steps to make a reply available.
Website… do you have a site of your own? A specific page you’d like to direct my attention to? Perhaps even a similar page for leaving comments, so that I could make my reply there if need be? You could put any such link here, if you choose, or leave it blank.
Subject and the comment field… well, obviously the point is to leave me a comment, so you do need to tell me what you’re contacting me about. Both of these fields are required.

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