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Patreon Repurposing

Like many of my creative endeavors and social media exploration, my presence on Patreon is very much a work in progress. With that in mind, I would like to provide some insight into what I intend to┬ádo on the site. … Continue reading

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Cassandra’s Truth, inspired by Machine of Death

Well, it only took four years but I finally finished that short story I’d originally written (under the title Alone Together) for the Machine of Death contest anthology. Truth be told, the story was done long ago; I wouldn’t have … Continue reading

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Disclaimer Draft for Doctor Who

I have an… experiment, of sorts, that I would like to try. Specifically, I would like to try rewriting some of my Doctor Who stories–here’s an early are attempt at writing pitches, if anyone would like to look–to make “original” … Continue reading

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Short Story has been submitted to WotF–and other ideas

Naturally, with typos that I didn’t notice until after I sent it in. *facepalm* I’m mostly sure the few I’ve found are all there was, and I’m hoping it doesn’t influence any judging, but… yeesh.

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