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My First Writer’s Workshop: Planning Stages

I got accepted into Hogwarts! *ahem* I mean, I got accepted to the Barrowman Writing Workshop! Never underestimate my willingness to act silly on camera. 😉 Is it sad that I had planned to do just such a video if … Continue reading

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I’m currently at the curiosity stage about Patreon. That is, I’m curious if it would be a worthwhile attempt to fund my writing (not to mention help contribute towards my student loan), but aside from the odd google search–or the … Continue reading

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NaNo 2013 Day 22-24

No progress this weekend. But this time I had a good reason. Well, goodish. See, I had this…. thing I had to do. This NDA thing. If you were involved in it, too, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If … Continue reading

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