Workshops etc.

This page is (kindasorta) a placeholder page for information about workshops and other “classes” on the subject of writing. All relevant links can be found on the menu.

But if you clicked this page, here is a list of those links (actual links to be provided as I edit this site):

Online classes


Most of the focus will, naturally, go into workshops and the like that I’ve participated in, along with embedded YouTube videos where relevant (see my Booktubing and Travel videos to see related content).
Ulterior motive: Custom web address for my channels (requires 100 subscribers) and partner-exclusive features such as linking to external sites direct from the videos (requires 1000 subscribers and 4000 annual watch hours). The ability to earn money from the videos would be nice, too.


Most of the focus here will go into events that I myself have participated in, and links may occasionally lead to my travel-themed sister site where relevant (links to other sites open up in a new tab/page).
Quite simply, it would be impossible for me to adequately review an event I have never participated in.