Writing Samples

Not to be confused with my works in progress.

No, the entries (eventually) listed here are, barring suggestions by beta readers or publishers, to be considered the final draft of a particular work… or in many cases, the final draft of a particular excerpt or chapter.
They are offered up here for marketing reasons, in the hopes of finding readers who would be interested in purchasing and reading yet more of my work.

They are, in effect, the “free sample” that many an online bookstore might permit you to download to help you decide if you want to buy the whole thing.
Or in a few cases (e.g. Doctor Who), a sample of the fanfics that I will never rewrite, that will always remain as fanfics, so you can decide if you are interested in buying those related stories I am adapting and will adapt into “originals” for copyright purposes.

And with that, I can start the list:

There is of course more to come; these just happen to be the only ones I have ready to begin posting online.

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