NoNaNo 2020

I’ve been thinking about this off and on over the last couple of weeks, and now, the first day of NaNoWriMo 2020, I’ve officially made the decision to blow off doing NaNo this year.

Oh, I’ll still be writing. Or at least, I will be if I can resist the lure that is getting distracted by social media. I’ll just be prioritizing content over word count–for instance, I’m only two chapters away from finishing the original timeline in my Legends of Tomorrow fanfic “What Could Have Been” (the same two chapters I had left come the end of last year’s NaNo), and dagnabbit I need to get that done!


Writing stories is not the only project that lurking on social media has distracted me from. There is also:

  • my primary blog, Side Quest Publications, and the book reviews and Bookcrossing drop-offs that I intend to upload
  • my travel blog, Tamie’s Travels, and the posts I wish to write comparing some of my recording options,
  • the two sites’ related YouTube channels (also called Side Quest Publications and Tamie’s Travels),
  • other writing projects such as my decade-in-progress original fantasy pirate novel,
  • and simply getting off my butt and exercising and hopefully losing weight–not to mention fat content, I’ve got a BF reader that says I’m so fat it can’t even measure it–with the added “bonus” that certain workouts, game-related that they are, should eventually appear on my gaming YouTube channel currently titled Unfashionably Late Gaming. Speaking of which, I have plenty of indie games to choose from to start uploading to that channel, I just need to start playing it so I can record content worth uploading.

And all of that doesn’t even include things I want to do for the sake of doing them, without any intent to publish. I have several games that I’ve put off playing simply for working five days a week and spending too much time idly browsing social media the other two.


I might change my mind and decide to join NaNo as a latecomer, but for the time being, these other projects that I should have been working on all year long are simply higher priority. Feel free to follow me on any of these other sites if you’d like to see my progress… or my attempt at pulling myself away from social media long enough to make any.

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