Rite of Passage is “complete”

This post was originally written March 13, 2012, and any reference to dates refers to that. The post has been in drafts for a long, long time.
The story described within was being edited to submit to Writers of the Future, and since they have a blind judging session, I deemed it best to remove the post.
However, the story has since been submitted… and rejected. So, I feel free to tell you all about it, and I’ll try submitting the story to a magazine or self-publishing at some later date.
End Update

I mentioned in my other blog, Side Quest Publications, that I want to find/create some kind of graphic progress meter that doesn’t rely on word count to define “progress.”

Well, my short story, titled Rite of Passage, is effectively the first thing that I could put on such a meter as “complete.”
By “complete” I only mean that as of yesterday, I finally finished writing the whole story. Or maybe I should say “today,” since it was just past midnight.
There’s still the matter of the final edits, and submitting to publishers, each of which would be their own milestones in my desired meter.

What is Rite of Passage, you ask?
Silly me, I forgot to say. 😀

Rite of Passage started out as a flashback within my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel, The Graft.
A roughly 5,000 word flashback.

Since that flashback was the closest to “complete” of anything I had, I set to work editing that as soon as NaNo was over.
I figured at worst, I’d have the events fixed in my mind for when I had to refer to it in the longer story.
Ideally, I’d submit it the Writers of the Future competition.
At best…well, I suppose I ought to get back to The Graft, if I expect to use my CreateSpace code. 😉

Rite of Passage details the back story of the character Fahd, so far only seen in Forgotten War, the fanfiction version of The Graft.
In Forgotten War, he’s a Mobian desert cat in the Sonic the Hedgehog story-verse.
In The Graft, he is as human as we are…or whatever passes for human in that story.

The story, by whichever name you prefer, is a part of my Pioneers of the Shattered Waters “series,” thus the post’s inclusion on this site and not the other.

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