NaNo 2019 Day 0

Between my work schedule and getting over a cold, I’d nearly forgotten, but now it’s time for another round of National Novel Writing Month!

Since I have not planned out what I’m going to write for NaNo this year, I think I’m just going to try to finish the fanfic I’m currently working on: the Flash Sideways prequel fic, What Could Have Been. The fic takes place in 2000 both before and after the Reverse Flash changes things and shows both timelines from Leonard Snart’s (and his fellow Rogues’ where needed) perspective. At this point of writing I should be nearly done with Timeline 1.0 and will soon be ready to show off how the Reverse Flash’s assault on Barry Allen changes things for the Rogues; once that’s done, then we’ll see what story grabs me next.

As for the project’s status on the official NaNo site, I’m listing it with the details of the primary Flash Sideways fic or “series” rather than specifically the prequel’s details. Those details are, as copied directly from the series on AO3:


What if someone with an eidetic memory could remember other timelines? How would those memories look to such a person… or to the people around them? How would it feel to have history changing around them?
What happens when such a person remembers dying?

Fellow NaNo-ers, old and new, welcome to a new NaNo and good luck with your projects!


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